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Choosing Your Rattan Garden Furniture Sofa Set – Blakesley’s

In case you are looking for furniture to put outside in the open to increase the beauty of your garden and add comfort to it then Rattan Furniture is the thing you opt for. Having some furniture in the 4 ways of your home and furniture outside in the open are two very distinct things. While the furniture inside is always protected from the weather around the furniture outside is ever so exposed. What you use inside cannot be used in your garden as the heat of the sun, the dust around and rains will make the furniture tarnish way before its time. So, what kind of furniture do we use outside? The answer to this is the use of Rattan Furniture – Rattan is an excellent type of garden furniture which is easy to maintain, is eco-friendly, and lightweight, so it can be moved around easily. Rattan is a very close relative of the palm tree. Rattan is a type of vine that grows in the jungles and is one of the strongest woods you will find to exist. Rattan is very hard to break and extremely durable. People often confuse Rattan furniture with wicker furniture – Rattan is material while wicker is a technique used for manufacturing furniture. So, Rattan furniture is a product and wicker is the technique used to manufacture the product. SO, if you are looking to buy some outdoor furniture then Rattan is your best choice. But how do we choose your Rattan Garden Furniture Sofa set? What all is needed to be considered? Here is how you choose your Rattan Garden Furniture sofa set: 

1-   Cost

The first and the most important aspect of buying anything is weighing the cost of that thing. When you go to buy some Rattan furniture then make sure first you ensure that what you are paying for. Rattan furniture is made of materials like PE or HDPE which are the premium materials used for manufacturing the furniture, while as the cost goes lower you will find materials like PU and PVC being used. PU and PVC are materials that offer good weather resistance too, but the point to note here is that do check that if you are paying the cost of PE and getting PVC. Make sure you reach out to multiple dealers and sellers to know the price brackets; this will educate you to make sure that you are paying the right cost.

2-   Cost of Maintenance

Though all Rattan furniture is very easy to maintain since the furniture is placed outside, they need some kind of maintenance, especially in these COVID times, where you have to maintain some social distance, and you would want visitors to sit out comfortably then coming in. This means that the furniture requires more of cleaning than normal. Good quality Rattan furniture is low maintenance, and it is very easy to keep them in a good condition. Avoid materials like synthetic, these materials are not as reliable and the quality degrades at a greater rate than other materials. A smarter choice would be to use waterproof cushions for your sofa set. opt for materials like polyester, solution-dyed acrylic, and polyester. These materials have a greater weather resistance.

3-   Think of a color scheme

One of the most important things to consider is to think about a color scheme. Whatever color you choose as per your preference; the important part is that you maintain the tonal balance of the place where you will keep your sofa. Classic colors should be more preferred, like black, grey, and brown. These colors look beautiful outside in the open and also at the same time are easier to maintain. Make sure that when you buy the sofa you buy with them throws and cushion covers, so that the look of the place can be changed as per your will and wish.

When you opt for Rattan furniture, you are looking at things that you will be using for a very long time, make your choice based upon cost, maintenance, and the overall look you wish to have. You can then based on your decisions of the three aspects choose a design you find the best suited to your interest.