Nova titan aluminum wall mounted pergola 3m x 3m square grey

Nova Titan Aluminium Wall Mounted Pergola

This is an aluminum pergola that is wall-mounted and has a 3m x 3m square. It comes in a grey color.

Nova Titan Aluminum Wall Mounted Pergola 3m x 3m Square Grey is the perfect garden room addition to your home. The pergola comes in a light grey finish and can be purchased with or without roofing panels, depending on your preferences. The aluminum frame ensures that this product is durable and long-lasting, while the polycarbonate roofing panels will ensure that you don't have to worry about any leaks or issues with water damage.

A pergola is a roof-like structure, typically supported by columns or posts, that provides shade to an outdoor space. The word "pergola" comes from Italian and means “a projecting eave”. It used to cover an area while still allowing light to filter through. It is typically made up of a post, beam, or rafter system that supports a sloping roof. These structures are often constructed from wood, but some have been constructed from metal or other materials.

The Nova Titan is a 3m square aluminum pergola that comes with a 10-year warranty. The design of the pergola is traditional, but it can be used in many different ways as it has many different attachments.

What All Nova Titan Has To Offer

Since the introduction of metal pergolas, there has been a huge rise in their popularity. They are not only used for outdoor living space but also for business purposes.

Nova Titan offers a range of attachments that can be used to create an outdoor space that best suits your needs and preferences. You can attach the pergola to your house, or you can use it as an outdoor room. The design is traditional but versatile, so you can use it in any way you want. In this article, we will be looking at the benefits of the square aluminum pergola and how it can help you make your outdoor area more beautiful and functional.

Nova Titan Aluminum Pergola is a great way to create an outdoor living space without the need for a garden. You can easily assemble this pergola in no time and it's very easy to maintain.

The Nova Titan Aluminum Pergola is made from aluminum and has been powder coated with a grey finish. The roof is made from galvanized steel and has 4mm thick insulation. It also comes with 10mm thick tongue and groove slats which are perfect for keeping out the rain, snow, and wind.

The Nova Titan Aluminum Pergola comes in 3m x 3m size but you can also order it in any size you like up to 6m x 6m.

This pergola has a beautiful grey finish and looks great in any setting. It also has an open design which allows for plenty of light to come through the area below it, making it the perfect place for relaxing or dining outside.