Pergola , a must have for any garden

Pergola , a must have for any garden

Pergolas are a the new trend and they are poping up in most of your neighbours gardens. 

  • Why should you invest in a pergola
  • Extra space
  • Entertaining with friends & family
  • Easy Install ( 2 people  3 hours )
  • Extension of your home
  • Privacy from neighbours
  • Low cost
  • Able to use garden if its raining
  • Secure in Strong winds.
  • Adjustable Louvres  , great for sun or shade


All our pergolas have a handy drainage system that works to keep you dry without water building up on top of the closed roof. Any rainwater that lands on the louvres flows into U-shaped channels. From here, the water flows from the roof and into channels in the pergola framework.

Once in the horizontal framework, the rainwater will then flow into the inside of the hollow pergola legs and vertically down to the ground. This genius system means that you'll never see the water draining off of the pergola. If you were to open the louvres when wet, the U-shaped channels prevent rainwater from dripping under the sheltered area.

garden pergolas

garden pergolas

For this year, we have made it so that all of our Titan and Halo pergolas can enjoy the added benefit of being able to attach our range of privacy screens which offer further protection as well as shade or privacy to your space. The privacy screens are not waterproof, but they do prevent most rain coming through into the space and act as shade and wind protection.

They are also perfect for stopping nosy neighbours looking into your space whilst you’re enjoying the hot tub or dining with friends. For freestanding Titan and Halo pergolas bought in 2022 or after, you can add a privacy screen to all of the sides, but for wall-mounted pergolas you will not be able to add a screen to the side attached to your wall. For those customers who bought a Titan pergola prior to 2022, you will be able to fit a privacy screen to every side excluding the side with the crank handle and for Titan wall-mounted pergolas purchased prior to this they will not be compatible with privacy screens at all.

The Titan also has the option of aluminium walls that are made up of titled louvres, which prevent people from looking in. You can have a maximum of 11 walls, allowing space to still enter the pergola, and they are exclusive to this range.

Before choosing a pergola, we recommend ensuring that the surface you wish to install the pergola on is completely flat as if it is not this will affect not only how the pergola drains but the appearance of the pergola. We advise customers that they are responsible for ensuring the ground is level and if you choose to purchase and place on an uneven surface, we cannot accept responsibility for any leaks.

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