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Rattan garden furniture has never been more popular in the UK. You don’t need to go far until you see a garden with rattan furniture, which is available in a range of stylish designs that really enhance a patio or decking space. But rattan garden furniture isn’t a case of style over substance - the furniture provides plenty of benefits that showcase why it’s so popular.

Comfort is always important when it comes to outdoor furniture, and there are fewer types of garden furniture as comfortable as rattan. It offers the perfect balance of support without feeling too rigid, while the thick seat and back cushions offer a relaxation spot to sit in the garden.

Of course, any outdoor furniture used in the UK needs to be weather proof. Rattan furniture is highly resistance to all the elements, with both the rattan and cushion fabrics being resistant to both water and UV. These are leading causes of damage to outdoor furniture, so the fact rattan is resistant to them ensures a much longer lifespan compared to most other garden furniture. They are also a low maintenance choice compared to wooden tables and chairs which may require annual wood stain treatment.

Versatility is also useful with garden furniture, so the fact you can easily move and rearrange rattan furniture is incredibly useful. It’s lightweight and compact, so arranging things to accommodate guests is quick and easy, while most furniture sets include a range of seating options and usually a table. They also look great under a gazebo

With so many benefits, it’s clear to see why rattan furniture has become so popular in the UK! If you’re thinking about investing in some quality rattan garden furniture be sure to check out our fantastic products.