Know About Outdoor Furniture Before Buying

What You Need to Know About Outdoor Furniture Before Buying

Outdoor furniture is a very tricky thing to buy. Unlike the furniture that is kept inside the house, the outdoor furniture has to face the wrath of nature. From an extremely hot and shiny day to a frigid night, from times when the air is dry to heavy rainfalls, from a pleasant breeze to a strong gust of winds, the outdoor furniture has to face it all, and doing so is not easy. The outdoor furniture needs to be strong but also beautiful as it is something that you will most place in front of the house, and every person visiting or every onlooker will see your furniture. Therefore, yes it has to be sturdy but also should add to the beauty of your house. Buying outdoor furniture for the first time is not an easy task as there is so much to consider. This is because most outdoor furniture is a long-term investment, and so there are certain things that you should know before buying your outdoor furniture. So, what are the things you need to know about outdoor furniture before buying? Here is a list

1-   Material

The first and the foremost thing that one should be aware of is the material of their outdoor furniture. The strength of the furniture lies in the material that has been used, and the most string material, in that case, is metal. Metals are very strong and can be easily be crafted into complex shapes as well. Whether you opt for, stainless steel, aluminum, or iron, these materials are not expensive but at the same time are very high on strength.

When you consider making your place look beautiful, Wood is another option to look upon. When we talk of wood and outdoor furniture then we are talking about Rattan Furniture. Rattan is a kind of wood that is closely related to palm trees and is one of the most durable and strong woods you will find. There is another option tool like teak, but that requires a lot of care and maintenance and therefore the cost adds up as time passes. 

2-   Maintenance

Before you opt to buy one of these materials it becomes very important that the cost of maintenance is taken under consideration. Outdoor furniture is subjected to all kinds of weather and this can take a toll on them. Therefore, periodic maintenance is required. Wood for example when compared to metal requires more maintenance. Woods like teak may require a fresh layer of lacquer every 6-7 months if it is too hot outside. Metals on the other hand are much more resilient and require less these coating. Though without coating the metals would rust away too, when compared to the woods, they require far less maintenance. In case you are looking for something that requires the least amount of maintenance, then powder-coated metals are your best option.

3-   Cushions

If there is one thing that creates the maximum problem when exposed to rains then that is the cushion. Cushions are the most prone to damage when it rains. The reasons are obvious that these cushions soak in a lot of water, for once they might be fine, but when wet frequently these cushions will start to feel uncomfortable. The only way to protect them is to use water-repellent covers on your cushions. You should buy your cushions with some waterproof or repellent covers. There can be times when you are not at your home and it rains heavily, in that case, you will not be able to cover your cushions or bring them inside in time. For times like this it becomes important you use waterproof cushions.

Outdoor furniture is a special buy. Not many people opt for it, and the ones who do make plans way before the actual buy date. This is because this is a long-time investment and people think about it before making the final decision. So, before you buy your outdoor furniture make sure that you know the material of the furniture, this will not only help you in knowing the life of it but will also help you know that what will be the cost of buying the furniture.